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To accomplish our goal of creating distinct wines – we must find the closest expression of truth from each site. Only in working on our own truth will we ever exist in a state to understand, discover, and capture the truth of a vineyard. So it is forever a function of knowing oneself in order to know anything at all; and we will only be able to create truth outside ourselves to the extent we create truth within.

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A Tribute to Tradition and Family

DiPalermo is homage to Zac Wasserman’s Sicilian heritage—his mother, Maria DiPalermo, and his grandpa, Giovanni DiPalermo. Zac’s mother and grandpa lived with a passion for food and wine, shaping and inspiring his desire to produce wine framed by old-world tradition. The DiPalermo label is exclusively Burgundian varietals, sourcing Santa Barbara’s revered pinot noir and chardonnay. Striving to bottle the most prestigious wines, the production is deliberately limited and focused.

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